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Cemetery – A burial park for earth interments.

Interment – The disposition of human remains for burial in the earth.

Interment Rights – The right to use or control the use of a plot or niche for the interment of human remains.

Disinterment – To take out of the ground human remains for the purposes to transfer to another burial park or move to another area of the same cemetery.

Burial – The process of placing human remains in a grave.

Grave – A space in a burial park, used or intended to use, for the disposition of human remains.

Block, Lot, Grave – A space in a cemetery, used or intend to be used, to inter human remains.

Permit for Disposition of Human Remains – A burial permit used pursuant to law, for the interment, disinterment, removal, reinterment or transportation of human remains.

Outer Burial Container – A vault or liner used to encase or cover the casket prior to burial in ground.

Columbarium – A structure consisting of small vaults or niches for urns containing cremated remains.

Cremated Remains – The remains of a decedent after completion of cremated and processing.

Cremation – The reduction of human remains to bone fragments through intense heat, flame or evaporation.

Inurnment – The placing of an urn containing cremated remains into a columbarium, niche or ground space.

Niche – A compartment or cubical for the memorialization and permanent placement of cremated remains

Urn – A container made from a variety of materials, including but not limited to bronze, glass, ceramics, porcelain, wood or other materials, into which cremated remains are place in.